Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was so special this year. Not only was it my girl's First Christmas, but it snowed, too! ALOT! Landon had a blast rolling around and playing football in it with Daddy. We spent the entire afternoon and evening over at Sabrina and Amedeo's house (the in-laws). We ate lots of great food, opened tons of gifts, visited with friends and family, enjoyed watching the snowfall, and even got a surprise visit from Santa! I will always remember this White Christmas.

This is one of MANY attempts at a family picture. The 2 that I posted on here are the only two that were worth saving. I can't get anything out of Landon lately besides this little scrunchy grin he keeps doing. Oh well...he's still precious :) Getting 3 young children to look at the camera at the same time is pretty much impossible. I don't even try for smiles these days...just all 3 looking in the right direction. Did it happen? Not so much...

Another attempt...I think Landon had just run off across the room at this point. I had to bribe him with Christmas treats to get him to sit back down. He gave the camera this little innocent look.

Great Grandma Anda and Allie...She speaks to the babies in Italian and they LOVE it :)

Sweet Boy

Emily, cousin Olivia, and Allie...Again, getting 3 babies to look in the same direction...impossible.

Sweet Sisters

I wanted to get a pic of Landon in the snow before it melted...little did I know, there was MUCH more snow to come!

Landon pelted Grandpa with a snowball!

Oops...I cut Grandma's head off!

Presents! and Bows!

Grandma and Grandpa got Landon a new tool bench!

Landon with Uncle Beau and Aunt Jessica

Working hard on his truck.

Landon and Caleb having some Christmas treats.

Santa and his elves came by bearing gifts!

He LOVES Santa this year.


Rolling all around in it :)

Mommies big gloves.

I think he was frozen by this point...right after this, we went in for a nice hot bath :)

Leaving food for the reindeer on the snowy bushes.

Love the jammies tucked into the boots :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

December Fun

We've been staying very busy this month! And as usual, I'm behind with my blogging! All of these pics are from last weekend...Enjoy :)

We went to ICE at The Gaylord Texan with Grandma Sabrina, Gigi, Uncle Shaun, and Aunt Stephanie. Landon had a great time! was freezing in there!

Landon's cousin Olivia turned 1-year-old last weekend! Her party was held at The Mansfield Activities Center and the theme was The Very Hungry Catepillar. Aunt Jess and Uncle Beau went all out and the party was a huge success. The kiddos had a blast!

Our friends, Derek and Andrea had a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party last weekend, too. The outfits were wonderfully hideous :) Chris won 1st place for his beautiful turtleneck & vest.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fun-filled Thanksgiving weekend!

Wow! It is Sunday night and I am wiped out!! This has been a very fun, but super busy Thanksgiving weekend. I started out the week baking and cooking and cooking and baking. I'm used to cooking because I cook dinner for my family all the time, but this baking thing...not so much. I have never seen so much flour, sugar, eggs, spices, etc. all over my kitchen. What a mess! And it didn't help that Landon was right in the middle of it every time I started on something new. At one point, he poured an entire cup of powdered sugar all over himself and said "It's snowing!" Nice! Oh well...he had a blast helping me with all of the pies, cakes, and goodies, so it was all worth it :)

On Thanksgiving day, we headed over to Chris' dad's house for our first Thanksgiving. It was very nice and relaxing. We stuffed ourselves full of all the traditional Thanksgiving food and then plopped down on the couch to watch the game. Here's a pic of the kiddos right before we went over there. I wish I could get one with all 3 smiling, but at this point, I'm lucky if I can get one with all 3 just looking in the right direction :)

The next day, we enjoyed Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family at my grandmother's house. Nommie (my grandma) just recently found out that her cancer has returned from years ago, so she isn't quite feeling herself these days. The chemo is really taking a toll on her body, so I took on quite a bit of the Thanksgiving dinner this year. My aunt Valerie and I did lots of cooking and baking (as you read earlier) so Nommie could just sit, relax, and enjoy her grandbabies. Even though she wasn't supposed to do anything...she still insisted on doing some of the cooking. That's a grandma for ya! All of the food and desserts were wonderful and we had a great time visiting with everyone. Here are the girls sitting on Nommie's quilt. Landon ran away from me every time he saw me getting out my camera, so unfortunately I didn't get any of him. Little stinker! And oh yea...please say a little prayer for Nommie. She is very optimistic about this and has beat it before, but your prayers are still greatly appreciated.

Saturday afternoon we took Landon to the Texas Tech vs. Baylor game at the new Cowboy Stadium. Johnna and Heather took care of the girls for us while we went. Thanks ladies! I hope the divas didn't give you tooooo much trouble! We went with the in-laws, Chris' brother and wife, and his other brother who goes to Tech. We had great seats, the stadium was amazing, and Landon had a blast. College football games are so fun! I love watching the band, cheerleaders, and dancers the most :)

Landon and Grandpa...and half of Grandma

My attempt at a family pic. Chris would not be serious...therefore, neither would Landon :)

Sunday morning, Stevi had a brunch for all of us girls and our kiddos. Emily is about to have her baby boy, she was wanting Sophia to get some play time in before they are homebound for a while. Plus, Kendra was in town for Thanksgiving, and this was a perfect chance for her to see all of our sweeties. She lives in San Antonio so she misses out on most of the kid's events like birthday parties and stuff. We drank mimosas and chit-chatted while the kids played and played and played. All three of mine passed out the minute we got home. Here is our attempt at a baby group shot. It was absolutely hilarious trying to keep them all on the couch for enough time to take some pictures. There are 14 kids here, and that's not even all of them! Some of the mommies couldn't come. Wow! We are some baby-having chicks!

When the kiddos got up from their nap, we decorated for Christmas. The girlies just sat and watched while Landon not-so-carefully placed ornaments on the tree. He was SOOO excited about decorating the tree. But, he doesn't get why we have to wait to open presents. He says, "But it's Christmas time?" And then I say, "But it's not Christmas DAY yet." And then he says, "Then why do we have Christmas decorations?" I just don't think that he gets that it's a month long thing leading up to Christmas. He just thinks since the tree is up, it must be Christmas now. I'm sure he'll be asking me everyday if it's time to open presents :)

The sisters watching brother decorate.

Yes, he is decorating for Christmas in a Halloween shirt....the hubby's doing.

There's that cheesy grin...