Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Catch-Up Post #5...Destin, Florida!!!!!! May 2013

Our 2nd Annual Stark Family Destin Trip was amazing (well, besides the ending when Chris' dad came down with Meningitis and had to be hospitalized for the last few days!) Destin is so beautiful and relaxing, I just absolutely love it. We stayed a full 7 days and I could've stayed 7 more. 

Chris, Shaun, and John-Michael visiting Chris in the hospital :-( Thankfully, the meningitis was viral, not bacterial. After a few secluded days in the hospital bed and tons of meds, Chris finally got to come home from Florida (a few days after us) and he was on the road to recovery. The virus wasn't completely gone for like a whole month or so! Other than this scary incident, our family vacation was wonderful. We made many memories that I will cherish forever!

Catch-Up Post #4...The Pretties are 4!!!

I cant believe my babies turned 4 already!!!! As nice as it is to finally be moving away from the toddler years after almost 7 years of toddlerhood in my house, I am also super sad that all 3 of my babies are growing up :-( At this rate, they'll be in high school in like 3 months...
Kendra and I decided to have the girl's birthday party together this year at a little bounce house place in Southlake. Kennedy's birthday is one day after the girls, so it works out perfect to just do it together. Plus, it makes it a lot easier on our friends who can just attend one party rather than two. 

New Princess Bikes!!!!

Sweet little Millie (about 8 months old)

Landon got a new bike too! Look at that goofy grin :-)

"A Day with Thomas" in Grapevine. 

Fall Ball....this boy plays baseball year round.

First swim of the 2013 season. It was WAY too cold for Mom!