Saturday, April 28, 2012

Allie and Emily turn 3!!!!!

Well, it looks like Blogger has changed it's whole format, so who knows how this post will turn out...Anyhow, The Pretties turned 3 on April 13!!!! We had their Bday party at The Little Gym on Sunday, April 15. Lots of their little friends came to help celebrate the big day. The sweet employees (a couple teenage girls) had lots of fun games, songs, and activities planned for the party. My girls are slow to warm up and somewhat shy, so after a few songs/games, I thought it would be better to just let them run around the gym for free play. So, thats what we did and they loved it! After lots of jumping, swinging, climbing, and flipping, we all went into the party room for cake and presents. All of the kids had so much fun and the party was a huge success. Thank you so much to all who came to help celebrate Allie and Emily's 3rd Bday!

In this pic, Claire is showing Emily the pretty necklace Grandma and Grandpa got them. Emily's has a silver E and Allie's has a silver A. They both have a little diamond on them. They are so pretty!!! The girls loved wearing them!

Nommie and Poppie had a little family party for the girls at their house on their actual birthday. They sure did enjoy getting a double dose of cake, balloons, and presents! My children are so blessed.

 Bad picture, but this is supposed to be a pic of the bracelets Nommie and Poppie got them. They are gold, with their names engraved (so tiny!) on a itty bitty name plate with a small diamond. They are so beautiful! 

Allie and Emily had to get big girl haircuts since they were turning three! I decided to get rid of all that stringy baby hair and go with a cute little pixie cut. Although I almost shed a tear as the 5 inches of baby hair hit the floor, I was pretty happy to see it go. It turned out precious!!!!

 Here are my sweet little loves the day they were born, April 13, 2009. I seriously cant believe 3 years have already passed! I love these pretties so much I can barely stand it!!! I mean, just look how stinkin cute they are!!!! Then and now!!! Happy Birthday Emily Grace and Allie Kathryn!!!