Monday, July 23, 2012

4th of July (better late than never, right?)

This year's 4th of July was super fun! The weekend before the 4th, we went down to Granbury to hang out at my mom's community July 4th block party. It is very kid oriented with bounce houses, water slides, live music to dance to, a parade, sno-cones, etc. And plenty of beer, margaritas, and food for us adults :-) Johnna & Ben and Kendra, Carl, Kennedy, and Carter came along for the fun. We all had a great time, kids and adults! By the time we drove home and got into our jammies, it was nearly midnight when the kiddos went to bed! 

The night ended just like a Texas summer night should end...sno-cone faces and dirty feet :-)

One of several of the girl's July 4th outfits. I just LOVE holiday attire for little girls!

On the night of July 4th, we went to The Highlands in Arlington to watch fireworks. We stopped for a Sonic slushie on the way.

I absolutely LOVE this picture below!!!

I am 100% obsessed with these 3 children! They are just beyond perfection in my eyes :-)

Monday, July 9, 2012

More summer fun

This summer is flying by so fast! I can't believe its already mid July. We have been staying super reason these weeks are zooming right by, I'm sure. Landon was in golf camp the last week of June at Chris' club. He was with 6 other kids ranging from 5-12. Bill was his coach and was really impressed with Landon's skills. He won the competition they had on the last day, and he was the youngest one!! That's my boy!! I just love how athletics come so naturally to him. Well, natural and the fact that Chris plays some sort of sport with him Maybe its catch out front, putting golf balls in the house, or tossing the football around in the two boys dont go a day without practicing some sport.

We've been to several Ranger games.

We've swam just about everyday this summer either in our pool, the Lifetime Fitness pool, Hurricane Harbor, or a friend's pool. Here we are at Brooke's last week. For some reason, Brooke's son, Lochlan was not in these pics :-( The 2nd pic is my fave...not one single kid looking at the camera.

Allie got a pretty butterfly at Good Day Cafe when we were having breakfast one morning. Btw, if you havent had Good Day Cafe, you need to! So good!!!!

Sweet Emily throwing a fit. Temper tantrums are new to us. Landon has never thrown one, so when these girls started throwing themselves onto the ground, kicking and screaming, we were like "Huh?" It's actually very funny to watch. See how stiff her legs are...she was mad that I wouldnt give her a snack before dinner.

Making some burger patties with daddy. We've been grilling out by the pool several times a week. 

Taking a lunch break in he car at Hurricane Harbor. They dont allow coolers, so rather than paying a fortune for a lunch consisting of junk food, we just pack a cooler and go out to the car to eat when we're hungry. 

Tanning Twinners!

I babysat Caden the other day while Heather and Scott went to a dinner party. We headed out to my mom's house in Granbury, swam at her community pool, and had a picnic.
 Batman Allie
 Batman Emily

Another day of swimming! This time, at Emily, Sophia, and Nicholas' house.

This last pic just makes me laugh. Chris was putting together our new patio table/chairs last weekend. The kids are clearly in the way being that they are literally sitting on top of the table he's trying to assemble. Rather than rescuing him and bringing in the kids, I just giggled and took pics through the window :-) He never said a word though...such a good daddy!!