Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's been too long...

Yes, I know...I haven't blogged in a while. Twins just take up mucho time! Anyhow...things have been great around here. The girls are on a great schedule and already sleeping through the night! And they are only 7 weeks old! They take their last bottle of the day at about 10:30, and then they sleep till about 6 or 7. Good babies! They rarely cry...unless they are hungry. When they want a bottle, they REALLY want a bottle. Emily especially...she has some lungs on her and really belts it out to let me and the rest of the neighborhood know it's time to eat. Landon still ADORES his sisters. He says "Bless their heart, they're so cute." to them atleast a few times a day. He says it in this country accent and it is the cutest/funniest thing ever :) I just love my kids!

Yesterday was an eventful day. We had Nolan and Hudson's birthday party (Ivy's kids) and Andrea and Scott Smith's wedding. Scott is one of Chris' friends from high school. We had a great time spending a kidless evening together with great friends. And great cake! The b-day party was at Trinity Park in Ft. Worth. Chris stayed home with Allie and Emily while I took Landon to the party. They had hot dogs and cupcakes, rode a little 45 min. train ride through the park, and played on the playground with all the little buddies. Landon had a blast, but he was totally pooped and passed out on the way home. Thanks Ivy! The party was a success! I'll post pics later. Also, I know everyone is wanting to see new pics of the girls, so I'll take some today and post them later tonight while I'm watching the MTV Movie excited about that!

Friday, May 15, 2009

One month already????

I can't believe the girls are already 1 month old! I guess it doesn't seem that long since we've actually only had them home for 2 weeks. They spent the first 2 weeks of life in the NICU...Thank GOD that is over!!! That was definitely the longest 2 weeks of my life! 

Soooo...Allie and Emily are doing great! We had their 1 month well check with Dr. Hull on Tuesday. Unlike big brother Landon, the girls are very tiny for their age. Because they were an entire month early and they are twins...Allie is only in the 5th percentile and Emily is in the 10th. Landon has always been over the 100th! Dr. Hull was actually very pleased that they are even on the charts at all. Most twins...especially twins born early aren't even big enough to be on the charts. She checked out all of their little body parts and looked in their noses, mouths, and ears, and everything looks great! She even told me I could let them sleep through the night since they have had significant weight gain since birth. Allie now weighs 7.1 lbs and Emily weighs 7.8 lbs.  I was waking them up every 3-4 hours at night since they are only 1 month old, but not anymore! I'm so glad I can just let them sleep...for mine and their benefit. I swear the NICU has something to do with their AMAZING sleep schedule. I mean...what baby sleeps through the night at 2 weeks?? Last night, they slept from 11:00 pm to 9:00 am, only waking up once to eat at 3:00 am. And the best thing about it is...they sleep, eat, wake up, etc. at the same time. I guess it's a twin thing. The negative thing about that...they also cry at the same time. Oh well...I'm getting the hang of it, and it's actually not that tough. I bet the tough part starts when they get mobile. And the toddler years? I'll need to keep the wine handy for those evenings! Anyhow...the girls are great, I LOVE staying home with them, and I couldn't ask for anything more!!

Landon is doing great, as well. He loves loves loves his little sisters. He is very protective of them. Anytime anyone calls them "my babies", he lets them know that they are "his babies", not theirs. So sweet. He gives them lots of kisses and loves to hold them...but only for about 15 seconds, then he's over it and back to his toys. We took him to the Ranger game on Tuesday night to get in a little quality Landon time without the babies. My mother-in-law stayed with the girls. We had a great time, and Landon loved watching the game. He actually watched most of the game, which I was very surprised about. He is definitely a little athlete. I can't wait to get him into sports. He wasn't so impressed with the Ranger's mascot, though. He ran the opposite way when he saw him coming. Dressed up people with masks aren't his favorite. He feels the same way about Chuck E. Cheese.

Enjoy a few pics of my 3 children! I just love them so much!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day and Girl Time

Mother's Day was wonderful this year. Chris had some beautiful purple and pink iris' and tulips delivered to me on Saturday and he gave me all of his poker winnings to go shopping on Sunday! He won $300 playing poker with his buddies Saturday night and he handed it to me Sunday morning and told me to go enjoy my day...he would take care of the kiddos! What a gift! Being a stay-at-home mommy is the best job in the entire world, but it is LOTS of getting a full day to myself is priceless! I really enjoyed my "me day", and when I got home, Chris prepared a yummy steak dinner for our family. Thanks babe! You made my Mother's Day very special!

One thing that is a MUST in my life is girl time. I think that every woman should make time every once in a while to visit with her girlfriends. I think it's so important to just let loose and enjoy girl talk over a few drinks with my besties. This is how I spent Friday night of my Mother's Day weekend. Chris took one for the team and stayed home with the kiddos while I went to Gilligans to hang out with my best girls. It wasn't a late night...just a few hours of fun with Johnna, Heather, Kara, Claire, and Nicole. We had a great time!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sweet Baby Girls!

Just playing together

Laid back little Emily

Allie...the high-maintanence Diva


All propped up and ready to eat

This is what 3 am looks like in the Stark Household


Monday, May 4, 2009

Settling In

Well, the babies have been home for a week now, and we are finally settling in and starting somewhat of a schedule. They eat every 3-4 hours and sleep a vast majority of the day. They do have periods of awake time, but for the most part, they enjoy their slumber. We had forgotten how exhausting the nights are with a newborn, or two in our case. I'm trying to enjoy it, though. I'll just pop on the tv and watch cheesy late night television like court tv or infomercials while I feed them. Being that I no longer work outside the home, I can nap during the day to make up for the sleep I'm missing at night. Chris helps me too...he's such a great daddy. I'm having so much fun learning all about my daughter's personalities. At first, I thought Allie was the drama queen and Emily was the laid back sister. Wrong! Little Miss Emily is just as much of a diva as her twin sis. These little girls LOVE to be held and they will let you know it! I don't have one bit of a problem with that, though. I absolutely love just sitting and holding them while we rock in the glider. They're only this little for a small amount of time, so I'm gonna cherish it. Now...if I could just figure out the perfect position to rock them both at the same time :) I'm getting better, but it's challenging! They're still so floppy, it's hard to manage them both with only two hands!

***Well...I was gonna post some new pictures, but I can't find my cord thingy to upload the pics to my computer. I always put it in the same place, and it's not there. There's only one explanation for this...I bet a little 2-year-old blondie got his hands on it. No telling where it is, but I hope I can find it! If so, I'll post new pics tomorrow. Off to bed I go until the next feeding...