Friday, January 22, 2010

Lots of catching up to do has been WAY TOO LONG since I last blogged! This is due partly to being a lazy blogger, but my computer has also been out of commission for a while. I sat my Iphone down on it a few weeks ago and it immediately shut down and never started back up until it visited the computer doctor. Now it's all fixed and up and running. YAY! I did NOT like being w/out my beloved laptop!

So, what's new at the Stark household? Not too much...although we do have 2 mobile little girls now :) The days of sitting them down on the floor with a few toys and tending to laundry, dishes, etc are long gone. I must be with them at all times now because they are into EVERYTHING! They don't exactly "crawl"'s more like an army crawl/roll/scoot type maneuver. Whatever you want to call it, they definitely know how to get where they want to go!

Landon is really starting to enjoy his baby sisters lately. Now that they are playing and moving more, he has become very interested in them. I can tell he is going to be protective over them, too. It's so funny...whenever they are doing something that seems like it could be unsafe to him or if they cry because they are hurt...he comes running to me or Chris to let us know. He also likes to put them in time out :) Landon knows it is not ok to spit, so if the girls are blowing raspberries, he thinks they are spitting. Therefore, he tells them they are in time out. He says, "Ok, that's it...I've told you 3 times to stop spitting. Now you are in time out." HA! I wonder where he has heard that :)

Today was Emily and Allie's 9-month well check with Dr. Hull. As I already knew, they are perfect! Everything developmentally and physically checked out perfectly.

9-month stats:
Allie: 18 lbs. 12 oz. (50th percentile)
28.25 in. tall (75th percentile)
Emily: 19 lbs. 10 oz. (60th percentile)
27.25 in. tall (50th percentile) right now, Allie is the tall skinny one and Emily is the short chubby one :):):):):)

Enjoy all the pictures...they are a mix of lots of different days.

Landon with his Nana (my mom)

The girls with their Nana. She would want me to mention that this isn't her normal attire...she was on her way to work. She's a flight attendant for American Airlines. I think she looks smokin' hot :):):) in anything she wears, but she hates her work clothes.

Wow...this pic looks like I have 3 sons. Note to self...lose the blue bibs :)

Landon washing his Bevo at Build A Bear.

Shopping at Costco.

First time drinking water out of a cup and having some puffs. Yes, they are 9-months and I'm just now starting cups and puffs. I'm in NO HURRY with these sweet angels. I'm holding on to their babyness as long as I possibly can.

First time in their highchairs.

Landon "helping" with the girl's breathing treatments. They had RSV last week, but it was very a little cold. I only ended up having to do one treatment each.

Allie getting her treatment.

Emily getting her treatment.

Emily Grace is getting around!

And so is Allie Kate!

Grandma Sabrina got us these cute outfits with furry boots!