Thursday, May 17, 2012

Family Trip to Florida, May 2012

We just got back from an amazing vacation to Destin, Florida!!! is NO reason to ever leave the country for pretty beaches again!! This beach was more beautiful than the beaches of Cancun, Italy and Hawaii! Seriously, it was immaculate. It had the cleanest white sand and crystal clear water I have EVER seen. We stayed in a beautiful beach house that was literally right on it's own private beach. It was us 5, Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle Shaun, Aunt Stephanie, Cousin Keagan, and Uncle John-Michael. We all had an incredible time together and can't wait till next time!

Three excited kiddos about to board the plane!!! 

Waiting for Daddy to bring around the rent car

Getting in a little power nap during the drive from the airport to the beach.

 I had to run out onto the porch and take a pic of the gorgeous beach right away!

These pics are actually in order (for once) except for these random stragglers that got plopped in right in the middle of the Day 1 pics. These are just one morning playing in the living room waiting to eat breakfast.

Hitting the beach for the first time!! The yellow house you see in the background was ours.

 Out to dinner at some yummy seafood restaurant on the beach. The first one is Emily and the next is Allie.

 The boys watching some game I'm sure...

The pretties posing for some pics.

After a couple days in the sun, we decided to go to this miniature amusement park/arcade place to give our skin a break from the rays.

We all went on a dolphin tour one evening. It was a 2 hour boat tour right around dusk. BEAUTIFUL! Not sure where the pics of the dolphins are though :-( For some reason, they didnt upload. I'd try again, but I'm not about to mess up my picture sequence.

 We stopped for some ice cream after the boat ride.

This was at about 6am the morning the boys went fishing. Unfortunately, I have no pics of the fishing trip bc I'm the family photog and of course, Chris forgot to get any :-/ I got Landon all suited up, sunscreened and sent out the door with daddy, Grandpa, and his uncles. Since the girls were still sleeping so soundly, I decided to grab some coffee and take a nice, quiet walk along the beach all by myself. Pure Bliss...

When the girlies woke up, we hit the beach with Aunt Steph and Baby Keagan. The water was like a pool this particular day. I couldnt believe there were absolutely NO waves! As calm as can be....

Lunch at the Whale's Tail!

The boys joined us on the beach after fishing all morning/early afternoon. Here's Landon with Grandpa and Uncle Shaun.

Wherever Landon goes, the baseball bat goes.

Time for some fresh watermelon!

Baseball with daddy

A trip to the beach wouldn't be complete without a sandcastle!

It turned out to be more of a sand volcano...

Bye Bye Florida! We made some amazing memories and can't wait to go back!!