Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Part 1

Im thinking my Christmas post is gonna have to be broken up into several different posts being that we had 5 different Christmas celebrations! It was definitely a chaotic, tiring holiday season, but we LOVED every minute of it. Today's post includes some Christmas cookie and ice cream making, a visit w Santa (lets just say 2 of my 3 children would prefer Santa to just go away), and our first Christmas celebration at my moms house in Granbury.

I'll start off by sharing a pic of my nerdy Christmas feet. Yes...I'm the geek who likes to wear festive gear and have my pedicure done to match the season :)

Aunt Steph, Uncle Shaun, and Cousin Keagan gave Landon an ice cream maker for Christmas. We had a fun, messy time making some chocolate ice cream!

We baked/iced Christmas cookies for Santa (and ourselves :)) Not sure why I only snapped a pic of Allie. If I had to guess, I'd say the the other 2 weren't cooperating with yet another photo shoot :)

Landon asked for a green and gray big boy bike without training wheels.

The pretties weren't fans of Santa last year...or this year :-/

Nana and Bud spoiled the kids as usual :-) I'm pretty sure Landon holds the world record for The Fastest Present Opener EVER. Emily was pretty quick too, but Allie took her time. She wanted to play with/try on everything she opened before moving on to the next gift. I'm going to label the pics of the girls just in case I cant tell them apart later down the road. That has actually happened many times before. There are so many unlabeled pics of the girls as babies that I cant distinguish between the 2 now :-(


Emily, Allie





Landon and daddy playing football

Emily, Allie


I'm always behind the camera, so this is the only pic I have of feet. This posts starts with my feet and ends with my feet. Weird. Oh well, all I know is this pic was taken after the mad dash of gift opening and I was so happy to sit by the fire and relax. Aweeeee....

Stay tuned for Christmas Part 2 and 3 (maybe 4 too). I've got a lot more fun to share!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Girls Annual Christmas Party and a few cute pics of the kiddos, of course :)

Their shirts may say they heart Santa, but in reality, they want NOTHING to do with him.

My new iphone has an edit option for my pictures. I got rid of the red eye in these two, but apparently I uploaded the unedited ones :-/

Emily Grace

Allie Kathryn

Landon Christopher

I have an AMAZING group of girls that I have called my best friends for 17 years now. Every year, we have a Girl's Christmas Party. Last year, we started a new tradition of going down to Heather's family lakehouse in Granbury for a Christmas party/sleepover. We shopped around on the square for a little while, went to a wine tasting at a local vineyard, ate dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, then went back to the house for cocktails and our gift exchange. Johnna made a slideshow dvd of lots of our favorite music and pictures. It was so good!!!! Another neat thing we do every year is write down predictions for the upcoming year, and then read them aloud at the following year's Christmas party. We still have to do that this year though, because we forgot to bring our predictions down to Granbury. Oh well...just another reason to get together again sometime soon :) I love my girlfriends so much and would not be the person I am today without them!! We have been through everything together!! I didnt get many pictures, but I'll be stealing some from Ivy when she gets hers up :)

At the Barking Rocks Winery and Vineyard. We are missing 5 of our girls due to newborn babies, having to work, no babysitter, etc etc. We missed you Kara, Stevi, Brooke, Amy, and Kelli!!! We were so excited Kendra made it in from San Antonio for the party this year!!!!

We made a pit stop at Bootleggers to pick up some important goods :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm back!!!!!!!


So now it's November 2011 and Landon is 5 and Allie and Emily are 2 1/2. All three of my sweeties are amazing children! Busy and wild as heck, but absolutely amazing! I love each of them more than I ever thought was possible. We just had Thanksgiving over the wknd. It was very nice. We spent the early part of the day with family at Chris' dad's house in Southlake and the afternoon at Nommie and Poppie's house in Arlington. I took a few pictures, but now that I'm blogging again, I will be taking my picture snapping up a notch :)

Kendra was in town, so some of us girls got together at Johnna's house to visit and hang out for a couple hours.

Allie, Landon, Emily. Em was NOT into the photo shoot.

Allie and Landon with permagrin...Em rolling her eyes at me.


On Saturday night, we went to the Texas Tech vs Baylor game at the Cowboy Stadium. We had amazing seats, only 7 rows up from the field on the 40 yard line! My brother-in-law John-Michael just graduated from Tech, so we were rooting for them. But they lost :(

Landon in his goofy football hat.

Got our house all decorated for Christmas! So cozy!

We didnt bring the girls to the game with us. Something tells me that would have been a complete disaster. They dont sit still for more than about...hmm, 7 minutes maybe??? So, it will be a little while before I ask them to sit and watch a football game :)

Here's to rejoining the blogging world! I'm telling you...I'm pumped about documenting our lives again! I HATE that I missed the ENTIRE year of 2011 :( I'm so glad I made my blog into a book. It really gave me the motivation to start up again :)