Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wedding Fun and Father's Day

Casey (my cousin) and Jessica got married on Saturday night. It was Landon's first wedding ever, and he did really well. I was a little worried he would be "that kid" who shouted out or chit chatted during the ceremony, but he did great. There was the occasional "This is taking foreverrrr" or "What is that man talking about?"...but overall, I was pleased with his behavior. He danced his little tiny booty off at the reception and was wiped out at the end of the night. Enjoy the pics!

Family pic...missing the pretties, but still cute :)

I love this little man.

Nommie looked Beautiful!

Nommie and Poppie dancing the night away!

Me and my momma

My husband is HOT!

I love his face!

He was shy about dancing at first. He would only go out there if Chris or I held him.

Sweetest little luvbug


Hey Cousin Bailey...Could I have this dance?

Watch out ladies! Let me show you how it's done!

Mesmerized by the cheesy band singer

These two knew how to break it down!

Father's Day was this weekend, as well. Chris' definition of a perfect Father's Day is spent on the golf course. All.Day.Long. He met his dad for a round early early at like 7:30am and then played another round with his buddies in the afternoon. He got home around 6pm, opened up his Father's Day gift (new shoes he wanted for working out), spent some time with the family until the kids went to bed, and then passed out pretty quickly right there after. My dad came over to hang out with me and the kids for a few hours while Chris was enjoying his day of golf. He played the guitar for the kiddos and they danced and danced and danced. He also taught Landon how to play a few notes. Landon was VERY intrigued by Dad's guitar skills. He really is very good!

Here's the man of honor in all of his glory...soooooo sleepy after a long day of golf in the hot hot sun. He tried working on the computer for a bit, but that didn't last too long. Here he is snoozing away. Atleast he managed to try on his new shoes! Happy Father's Day baby! I love you so much!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun Monday Night

About once a week, Chris and I lose our minds and decide to go out to dinner as a family. Last night, we loaded all 3 kiddos into our new car (brand new Denali excited about having a huge car for our huge family) and headed to Chuy's in The Highlands for some yummy Mexican favorite. There is this new spray park right next to the restaurant, so we decided to let the kids have some "completely spontaneous" waterplay. We had no change of clothes, no towels, nothing. Oh well...nothing wrong with a naked ride home ;) I snapped a few pics of the kids getting soaked in their clothes. The first few are from when we were playing in the playroom waiting for daddy to get home from work to pick us up.

Landon took this one! My little photog :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summertime is here!!

Memorial Day weekend was the first time we got into our pool this year. I cant believe how warm it is already. I'm not surprised being that its 500 degrees outside everyday :) Ugh...this is gonna be a HOT Texas summer. I'm sure we will be taking a dip everyday. The girls absolutely loved the pool from the minute we put them in. Landon was a little more cautious of the water when he was a baby, but not these little dare devils. They are definitely water babies for sure. Enjoy the pictures of our weekend. Half of them are from our house and half are from Chris' dad's house. This might of been our last time in their pool...they are a few weeks away from moving into their new home in Southlake. CAN NOT WAIT to swim over's seriously like a hotel resort pool!

My pretties talking to each other :)

Landon loves for Daddy to throw him.

Belly Flop!

My mom got him this little surfer suit in started looking more like a bikini after jumping into the water so many times.

Sweet Allie

Sweet Emily

Wow really know how to get a great shot of us ;)

Me and the hubs

Haley HATES swimming!

But it was sooooo hot...she needed to cool off. Landon thought it was so funny.

My precious boys.

Dad with his little ladies.

Don't let those sweet innocent faces fool you...they were up to no good sneaking up the stairs.

Emily (Em-a-Wee as daddy calls her)

Allie (daddy calls her A-Wee)


Cool jump, huh mom?

Wow, all that swimming made us hungry....time for a snack.