Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall 2012 Pictures

The Pretties started Mother's Day Out this Fall! They are loving school and learning so much! This was the very first day.
Morning of Picture Day at school
This was their very first school picture. HAHAHA! one fake smile + one unhappy sister = one hilarious, but classic school pic :-)
Sleeping exactly alike
Landon just about everyday after school. Kindergarten is hard work!
Cowboy game at Donna and Grandpas!
We've been enjoying the beautiful Fall weather with many trips to the park.
Painting gifts for Nommie's Birthday
I had to document the fact that Im a complete nerd and bought the girls and I matching shoes. 
Landon and Caden fighting crime
My sweet boy got picked as Hill's Student of the Week! He got to keep this sign in the yard for a week. Landon shows great character and is a good citizen :-)  
As busy as our life with 3 children is, we still manage to squeeze in our weekly dates. Usually its a lunch date when the girls are in school, but if we dont get to meet for lunch, we make sure to drop the kids with grandma for an hour and go have dinner. We make our dates a priority and I look forward to them every single week.
Dinner at The Keg with my mother-in-law Sabrina, and 2 sis-in-laws, Stephanie and Jessica. 
Bubble blowing and twirling around with daddy

Landon loves when I take his picture ;-)
Kindergarten Field Trip to the Pantego Fire Station and Bicentennial Park. The kids, moms, and teachers had so much fun!! I am in awe of the parental involvement at Hill. Where I taught, there was never any parents on our field trips. Atleast half the kids in Kindergarten had a parent come along to the fire station! I am really cherishing this time right now being home. I am able to be Landon's Room Mom, volunteer up at the school with anything his teacher needs, and attend all of the field trips, field day, programs, etc. I have always known in my heart that I would return to teaching once all of my kids were in school, but Chris and I are really starting to think differently about that decision. I think my calling is to be a full-time stay at home mom. And I LOVE that.
Pumpkin Patch with friends!
Hill Carnival!! I organized and ran the Cupcake Walk for Landon's class! I had a lot of parents help me out too. Chris brought the kids up there for tons of fun!
Landon dunked his teacher into the dunk tank!
The entire student body doing a flash mob to Thriller. Landon's in there somewhere.
I dont know why this pirate is looking so sad here :-( He was so happy! Who knows!
Cant get our dresses wet!
And believe it or not, I do have a social life!! You wouldnt think so according to my blog which I've dedicated to my family pretty much. Here we are at Emily's baby shower. The sex of the baby is a surprise! Im thinking blue.
Sushi Night with all my girlfriends! Nothing like some good girl time!! As a full-time mommy, it is VERY important to me to let loose ever so often and have girl talk with my best friends. We dont do it much these days bc of our busy lifestyles, but I try my best to make it out when something is going on being that its so seldom these days. 
Halloween 2012 with some of my best girls.