Sunday, December 30, 2012

FINALLY Blogging...

Omg, it's been so long since I've posted on here! The holidays were SO BUSY, and I just never could find time to sit at my computer. This is gonna be a catch-up post from Oct and Nov. Christmas will have to be a whole other post, hopefully coming soon :-) 

Halloween with Uncle Beau, Aunt Jessica, and cousins Olivia and Austin. We went trick-or-treating in their neighborhood out in Rendon. It was so fun! Tons of kids and a beautiful neighborhood! We're making it a new tradition :)

Our new puppy, Milly! We LOVE this little girl! The kids do not EVER leave her alone :-/

This picture is so funny. And so cute! Emily, dressed up like a strawberry, reading to her new puppy :-)

Baseball was so fun! Landon is obsessed with sports. He is an athlete at heart for sure. He loves playing baseball and is so super good at it! Landon is also so lucky to have his daddy be the head coach of his team. Those 2 boys are absolute best buds :-) It's over for now, but Spring Ball shall be starting soon and we'll be back at it again :-)

Fall Feasts at school!

My beauties!!

We went to the Texas Tech vs Baylor game at The Cowboy Stadium. We go every year and its always so much fun! Landon is so cool here around all the college kids :-)

Holiday in the Park!!

Love.this.picture. Sweet hugs!!!

Decorating the Christmas tree!