Sunday, August 22, 2010

My baby is 4-years-old!!!!!

Landon turned 4 on Friday!!!! I can't believe he is growing up so fast :-( It seems like just yesterday when we were staying up all night with him as a newborn. It's so weird...Chris and I were talking the other day about how hard it is to remember how life was before Landon. It is easy for us to remember life before the girls because the memories of our first baby are still so vivid. But life before Landon???? Who knows...we seriously don't remember it! Weird.... Anywaz...for his 4th birthday, he wanted to have a pool party. We have a pool in our backyard, but deep pools are not exactly great for little kids to play in. So, we decided on Howard Moore Play Pool in Arlington. It was perfect!!!! The pool is 1 1/2 ft deep all over, so all of the kids could touch, even the pretties...although they kept loosing their footing and plunging underneath the water constantly! Thank goodness for Nana and Daddy who kept a VERY close eye on them the entire party so I could be a good hostess :-) Thank you! Landon and his friends had a great time. We ate pizza and cake, swam till we had pruney fingers and toes, and Landon got tons of great birthday gifts!

My ADORABLE, BRILLIANT, PERFECT 4-year-old Birthday Boy!!!! Yes, I'm bragging about my kid...that's what blogs are for :-)

Wow Wow Wubbzy was the theme. That is Landon's favorite show on Nick Jr right now.


Adorable Benjamin!

Landry and her little sister. Landry is in Landon's class at school.

Landon getting a little help with the candles from best buddy Mitchell.

Singing Happy Birthday

Wow! Look at my cool cake!

Daddy and Allie under the waterfall.

Johnna and Ben

Audrey and Jackson. Jackson is too cool for school throwing that peace sign :-)


Nana and Allie. I love this picture! It is too cute!

Best buds from school...Mitchell and Landon

Uncle Shaun and hmmmm....not quite sure! ha!

Claire and Lauren

Cute-pa-tootie Mitchell

GG, Aunt Steph, and Grandma (aka Chris' grandma, Chris' brother's wife (due anyday), and Chris' mom) Oh! and baby Austin, our newest nephew!

Grayson, Jamey, Stevi, Denton, Kimmie, and Audrey

Gabby, Kyler, and Kyler's mom Sara (Landon's friends from school)

My BRILLIANT, and I mean brilliant niece Olivia. I'm pretty sure she's a real-life genius.

Emily...I LOVE that sweet face!!!

Sweet Claire

So much fun!!

Awe...Landon giving his sister some love. Do I know which one? Not so much....

Cutie Chloe

The Pretties with Daddy!

Pretty Audrey