Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My sweet sweet Landon :)

My friend Ivy took this picture (and the profile pic above) at Grayson's bday party the other day. It's one of my most favorite pics of me and my perfect boy.

Landon finished up his soccer season last Sunday and got a medal. He is soooooo proud of his medal! He took it to school and showed all of his buddies today. We are thinking about signing him up for the summer league since he enjoyed it so much. He's actually pretty good, too! He made a total of 16 goals this season! He said he wants to play again, so I'm sure we will be. And t-ball is right around the corner, as well. Wow...I think this boy is gonna keep us busy with sports for the next, oh, 15 years. Can't wait! I'm a real-life soccer mom now :)

After I got done with my workout this morning, I decided to go surprise Landon during his nap. He just loves when he opens those sweet eyes to Mommy in his face. I scooped him up off his nap mat and we headed to the strawberry patch down the street from his school. If you haven't been to Gnismer Farms garden off Bowen, I suggest you pay them a visit. It's so cool! They have everything from fresh new potatoes, fresh asparagus, fresh tomatoes, fresh cabbage, fresh onions, fresh celery, fresh carrots, fresh strawberries, and much more! We spent about 45 minutes filling up our basket with the best strawberries in the patch. Landon had lots of fun :) And the strawberries are delicious! So red, ripe, and sweet!

We got pretty hot picking strawberries out in the sun, so we decided to go get some frozen yogurt at Pure Bliss. It was delicious as always.

*****I haven't forgotten to blog about the girl's 1st bday party...I just haven't gotten the picture cd from Johnna yet. So, stay tuned...still.