Monday, November 29, 2010

Am I good at blogging these days? Not so much...

Dear trusty blog readers....sorry that I TOTALLY SUCK at this lately. It's not that I don't want to blog or don't have the time, because I do. I just know this is mainly for the pictures, and I have yet to download all of my new camera stuff so I can upload some pics. I'm so horrible at computer stuff, I haven't even tried to download it myself. I just need to get Chris to do it for me...but I keep forgetting! Ugh!

So...just in case you care about whats been going on with The Stark's, I'll type up a quick post, minus pics of my adorably perfect kiddos :-) I think I'll type up 4 separate paragraphs...3 talking about whats been going on with each of my kiddos and one about Chris and I...or something like that. This blog is my version of a scrapbook, so I need to record what's going on at these ages :-)

Lets talk about Landon first. He's the typical 4-yr-old boy. He loves dirt, bugs, sports, and bugging his sisters. He absolutely adores his babies, but he likes to provoke their little girly attitudes they have recently gotten (more on that later). His favorite food right now is penne pasta (he calls it "noodles with holes in em"). He also loves hot dogs, pizza, and candy. Yep, he's really into healthy choices these days ;-) I make him eat his fruits/veggies and drink his milk, but that doesn't mean he likes it. He is still into sports big time. Landon and Daddy play catch with the baseball or football just about every night. Chris also picks him up from school early about once a week or so and takes him to the golf course for a round of golf. He LOVES sports which I am thrilled about! He also loves being outside. He likes to ride his bike and his scooter. He collects sticks and rocks and whatever else I find in those grubby little pockets of his. He likes to pick up sticks and "shoot things" with them. He says he's shooting the deer....nice. Not sure where he got that being that Chris doesn't hunt. Oh's cute to watch him pretend :-)

Landon is doing great in PreK this year. He has learned soooooo much since August. His writing and drawing skills have drastically improved over the past 4 months. I think it's because his PreK class is much more like school than his 2 and 3-yr-old classes were. They have a full-on classroom schedule just like you'd see in elementary school. He can count and count and count and count and count (you get the point, not exactly sure what number he can count to, but it's alot....that's for sure) and he knows all of his letters and sounds. He can write all of his numbers/letters, as well. He writes lots of common words like, mom, dad, dog, cat, or whatever he can sound out. He also writes all of his family members names. Landon has become quite the little artist, too. He has moved on from the stick figures with legs coming out of the head to people with torsos, hair, ears, etc. His drawings are very cute to mommy!

We are in the process of checking into local private schools for Landon to go to next year. He will be VERY young, probably the youngest, child in his grade. His bday is August 20...if he was born only a few weeks later, he wouldn't even be able to start this next year. Chris is worried about him being the youngest and smallest (for sports mainly, I'm sure). Chris isn't really thrilled about sending him to kinder next year at all. He thinks we should wait, but I would like to send him bc I think he'll do fine. So, we kinda came to a happy medium. We decided that we would send him to private kindergarten. That way, the following year, we can send him to public school and if he needs to repeat kinder, he won't even know the difference bc he'll be in a new place with new kids. Plus, Chris and I both started out in private school for K-3rd grades, so we like the idea.

Overall, our boy is perfect! Don't get me wrong, he definitely has his moments where he will argue or throw a bit of a fit if he doesn't get his way. It's not too often though. Right now, our trouble-makers are 2 little blonde-haired, blue-eyed divas that happen to look just alike :-) I was gonna write about them after Landon, but they are gonna have to wait till tmrw. My fingers are cramping from typing and I'm tired. So, I'm off to bed and I'll pick back up tmrw...or the next day :-) or maybe the next. No, I really am gonna get back into my blog groove! It's my only documentation that I even have kids!