Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm back!!!!!!!


So now it's November 2011 and Landon is 5 and Allie and Emily are 2 1/2. All three of my sweeties are amazing children! Busy and wild as heck, but absolutely amazing! I love each of them more than I ever thought was possible. We just had Thanksgiving over the wknd. It was very nice. We spent the early part of the day with family at Chris' dad's house in Southlake and the afternoon at Nommie and Poppie's house in Arlington. I took a few pictures, but now that I'm blogging again, I will be taking my picture snapping up a notch :)

Kendra was in town, so some of us girls got together at Johnna's house to visit and hang out for a couple hours.

Allie, Landon, Emily. Em was NOT into the photo shoot.

Allie and Landon with permagrin...Em rolling her eyes at me.


On Saturday night, we went to the Texas Tech vs Baylor game at the Cowboy Stadium. We had amazing seats, only 7 rows up from the field on the 40 yard line! My brother-in-law John-Michael just graduated from Tech, so we were rooting for them. But they lost :(

Landon in his goofy football hat.

Got our house all decorated for Christmas! So cozy!

We didnt bring the girls to the game with us. Something tells me that would have been a complete disaster. They dont sit still for more than about...hmm, 7 minutes maybe??? So, it will be a little while before I ask them to sit and watch a football game :)

Here's to rejoining the blogging world! I'm telling you...I'm pumped about documenting our lives again! I HATE that I missed the ENTIRE year of 2011 :( I'm so glad I made my blog into a book. It really gave me the motivation to start up again :)