Friday, February 12, 2010

Texas Snowstorm...Feb. 11, 2010

We have been having an absolute blast in all of this snow! I can't believe we got 12 inches in a 24 hour period. This snowstorm blew away the all-time record of 7.8 inches! It looks like Colorado outside my front door right now, and I absolutely love it! Winter is my favorite season, so all of this snow is right up my alley. I'm not sure I would love this all the time, but if it could do this exact same thing about twice a year here, I'd be a happy camper. Landon has been enjoying it, as well. Like all other schools in North Texas, Landon's school closed today, so he stayed home with us for a fun snow day! His favorite part was snowball fighting. He loves to throw ANYTHING, so he was thrilled to know he could throw as much snow as his little heart desired :) He also liked eating the snow. We even made snow ice-cream. The girls enjoyed the view of the snow from the window most of the time. I did bring them out one time for a little bit to snap a picture, but it was just too brisk and cold for the little ones. Daddy got to stay home from work, so he got to be in on all of the fun, too! Enjoy the pictures!

I'm ready for some fun!

Viewing the fun from the front entry way....toooooo cold for little babies. brrrrrr.

Snow Bears!

Our very first snowman (built during the snowstorm)

2nd snowman (built at night, and it's still snowing!)

3rd and best snowman! (built the day after the storm) Landon wasn't having the picture thing anymore, so he kept running off as you can see in this picture :)

I had to post neighbor shoveling snow in stiletto heels and a miniskirt. dead serious.

Where are Haley's back legs? I think she's peeing...oops, sorry Haley :)

Landon and Haley had so much fun romping around in the snow together.

Beginning to be over it...too cold and wet. Time to go in....

and make some snow ice-cream!

a little snow, milk, vanilla, and brown sugar...and Viola! Yummy!'s been nearly 24 hrs since a snowflake has fallen, but since it has been so cold, there hasn't been all that much melting. The snow on the trees and bushes is melting off, but we still have atleast 7-8 in of snow in our yard. I guess we'll get to play in the snow again tomorrow!