Monday, June 24, 2013

Catch Up Post #3 (Easter and such)

Easter 2013 at Nommie and Poppie's

Just snapping some pics in the car 

 Mellow Mushroom

Student of the Week for the 2nd time in Kindergarten!

Girl's egg hunt at BRDS

Landon's Kinder class ready to hunt eggs

Easter at Donna and Grandpa's

Just a cute pic my mom took of the pretties

Johnna's Bday at Little O' of the rare times I get to see my friends these days. Life is so busy, we barely find time to see each other anymore :-(

Easter #3 at Uncle Beau and Aunt Jessica's house

Landon's Highlander Games (a scaled down version of Field Day for the primary grades)

Ranger Game with Keagan

Chris loves to get me flowers. He brings them home all the time. Aren't these roses beautiful?!?! I love my sweet hubby :-)

Daddy and Bubba in their happy place :-)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Catch-Up Post #2

Here goes my 2nd of MANY catch-up posts. I'm going to HAVE to keep up with this blog once I'm all caught up. What a beating it is to play catch-up with almost 1000 pictures from the last 6 months! I just need to always remind myself that this is the only form of documentation I have of our life. It is super important that I stay current and not miss anything blog-worthy. I never get pictures printed...they either get uploaded to facebook or instagram or just get shared by people viewing my phone. I cherish my first Blog Book I had printed of the 1st three years of this blog. As soon as I'm all caught up, I will have my 2nd Blog Book made that will include the last 2 years. Then I can hopefully keep up and have one printed every year or two. 

The girls have a rat's nest in the back of their hair when they wake up :-)

Mommy/Allie date when she was sick.

Vegas Baby!!!! Chris and I left the kids with the grandparents and took off for Sin City to celebrate our 9th Anniversary.