Friday, September 20, 2013

Time for another catch-up post!

I feel like every post I've written in the past year has been a catch-up post. I'm just so dang busy!! Working full-time is kinda kicking my butt. I'm just now beginning to get the hang of it, I think. The balancing act of working full-time, being mommy, and being a good wife is hard! I feel like these 3 things are finally under if I could just squeeze in some ME time, I'd be good to go! I actually took off work today to take care of some errands and just relax in a quiet house. We busy moms can't forget about making time for ourselves to decompress and reflect. It's so important. are some (a ton!) pictures from June 2013.

First swim of the summer!

                                         Eating at El Arroyo. I think the girls could've used booster seats. Ha!!                                          

Kindergarten Graduation!

Somehow a few pictures got thrown in the middle of the Kinder grad pics. These were taken one night over at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grandpa took the kids riding in the sidecar.

 Cleaning the pool in Bub's undies :-)
 Another season of baseball comes to a close. It's been so long since I've posted, we've actually started a new season already.

 My first 3rd grade class at Hill on the last day of school. Cleaning desks with shaving cream.
 Dinner in Roanoke with the Consilios.

 2nd year of Camp Thurman with Grayson!

The Pretties very first Ranger Game 

 Father's Day 2013

Naked headstands :-)