Sunday, January 29, 2012

Trip to the Zoo

Chris took the day off from work on Friday so we could take the kiddos to the zoo. It was a little chilly at first, but it turned out to be a beautiful day, perfect for the zoo! All three kids had a great time. I'm thinking I might get a membership this summer so we can go as much as we want.

This big guy was looking so sad :-( He would just lean up against the glass with the saddest look on his face. The sisters loved him and would've gone into his area to play if they could have. Landon? Not so much. He is a very healthy fear of many things...definitely not the dare devil type. I love that about him.

This bear LOVED Emily and she loved him back. Again, she would've jumped right in there with him if possible :-/

The lion was roaring VERY VERY VERY loud! I bet the residents of the homes all around there hear this guy all the time! The kids kept covering their ears.

A favorite of the kiddos was the huge birdcage you could walk into and feed all of the birds. I was afraid I would get pooped on in there, but I braved the pooping birds and went on in with my lovies :-)

MOLA is the new amphibian/reptile habitat at the Ft. Worth zoo. It was really neat! Landon made sure to keep his distance from any snake he saw :-)

The Penguins. The girls are obsessed with Dora the Explorer and if you are a mom of youngsters, you know her show is partially in Spanish. Well, because of this, Emily and Allie think penguins are called "penguinos." They kept screaming "Un Penguino! Un Penguino!" Very cute and funny :-)

We had such a fun family day at the zoo and cant wait for daddy to take another day off soon so we can go back! We LOVE hanging out with him :-)


Ivy said...

We always love the River Otters - they are so cute....but not always out!

Nicolie said...

Un Penguino is HILARIOUS