Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to Florida!

We headed back to Florida the first week of August! May's Florida trip was spent in Destin with Chris' dad's side of the family. This time we went to the Ft. Lauderdale area (Pompano Beach to be exact) to stay with his mom and stepdad. We had such a great vacation once again! They live right on the water so I was like the door locking nazi the entire time we were there, but other than that, it was just very low key and relaxing. We hung out by the pool, went out on their boat, fished off the dock, hung out at the beach, went shopping, visited the Miami Children's Museum, ate great food, and just took it easy at Grandma's house. Cant wait to go back next summer!

Having a little breakfast on the patio the first morning there.

Allie looking like an 80's aerobic instructor :-)

Eating dinner at Little Havana, our favorite Cuban restaurant in Pompano. It started raining, so we just let the kids run around and play in it so we could enjoy our cuban steaks and mojitos :-)

Beach'n it!

Sabrina was so sweet to watch the kids for us 3 different times while we were there! We got 3 nights alone in one week! Awesome!! This was one of our date nights :-)

Landon was the first to catch a fish off the dock. He just couldnt understand why I made him wear that floatie while fishing, but it wasnt aloud to come off. I'm telling you, I was the safety police during that trip!

Miami Children's Museum
Allie throwing a fit for some unknown reason...

We went to eat on A1A after the museum. When we were finished eating, we walked across the street to South Beach and let the kids run around in the sand.

These twin Bulgarian girls were professional salsa dancers in town for something going on in Miami. They kept asking to take their picture with my girls, so finally I obliged :-)


Heading out for a day on the boat! And for the record, I am NOT a fan of boating in rough ocean waters! Dont mind cruising slowly through the canals (looking at the celebrities ridiculously out of control huge homes and yachts), but not sure I'll be heading out into the open sea again any time soon...
 Always talking business...