Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer 2013

Our summer was super fun! We took our vacation during May, so we just stuck around here all summer long. Although we didn't travel anywhere, we still managed to stay busy busy busy! 

Girls started gymnastics.

These little smurfs got into some blue eye shadow. What a mess! But they sure did have fun "putting make-up on like Mommy"

Hawaiian Falls with the Capaletti's

Working on a cartwheel

Magic Time Machine in Dallas

Swimming in the rain!

4th of July at Southlake Town Square

Six Flags!

Another 4th of July celebration. This time at Kendra and Carl's house in Trophy Club.

We spent lots of time swimming, relaxing in the house, cooking, etc. I would rather be spending time with my family at home than anything else.

This was our last gymnastics class. They decided it was too hot (which it was!! No a/c!!) They seemed very bored with it as well. We have since signed up for dance class, and they LOVE it. 

Joe T Garcia's in Funky Town.

The kids loved A Taste of Dallas!

Allie was not a fan of the petting zoo. She said a turtle was staring at her and she didnt like it. HA!! There was also a very persistent goat that wouldnt leave her alone :-)

Oh Emily. This picture sums up her personality :-)

CONSTANTLY thinking about, playing, or watching baseball.

My new niece, Camryn!

Alley Cats with Caden

Lochlan's Bday party

We baked lots of goodies during the summer!

Girl's Pool Party